A precision machining services company located in Huesca, in the northern province of Spain, in the autonomous community of Aragon.

Here you will find the largest logistics platform in Europe, an intermodal transport center  (rail, road and air), which makes the region one of the most important logistics cities in Europe, with connections to the most relevant European production and consumption centers, for European industry. Huesca is in a privileged logistical position just a short distance away:

  • 100  KM to France
  • 184 KM to  Bilbao
  • 850  KM to Italy
  • 1000  KM to Belgium
  • 1120 KM to  Germany

 Our History:

 The first steps of our company, begins in 1976, where the founder of Eurofresados, begins to work in the company Widia Ibérica.

The formation of Tito Ismael, founder of Eurofresados, was carried out from the company Widia to Kennametal, where he was trained in special tool manufacturing processes – Tool holders for machine tools and CNC milling process – CNC turning – CNC machining.

 Over many years, a family business was formed based on the training and experience of years of work.

After extensive modernization of our production processes of CNC machining on a par with a great investment effort, in technology and training of our personnel, today 46 years later we can offer services that include the market of precision machining, achieving with this a diversification of our CNC machining services.

Present and future.

Our values as a family business:

Commitment – Quality – Delivery time. 

We believe that the best presentation is provided by our customers.

We are proud to count on them and on their trust for more than 20 years, with whom we have created a relationship as a reliable machining supplier. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the seriousness of our work and process of manufacturing CNC tools, we follow an execution system based on the experience gained over the years.

The delivery time for all our team is inalienable, our planning and execution of the work, is based on the delivery date, it is our company policy, to respect “always, always, always” the delivery date previously established.

At present, the main markets to which Eurofresados Huesca addresses itself are

  • CNC Milling

  • CNC Machining

  • CNC Tooling

  • CNC Automotive

  • CNC Aeronautics

  • CNC Railway

  • CNC Industry

  • CNC Robotics

  • CNC Automation.

Our sincere thanks to all the customers and suppliers who have helped us get to where we are and who continue to trust our team.