CNC Tooling – Tool Holders 


The clamping of the CNC cutting tool has a direct influence on the performance and productivity of the tool, Drill, Cutter, Drill, Cutting tools.

Since 1976, we have been manufacturing turning tools and milling tools together with CNC tool holders.  In our history we started with the company Widia Iberica, later Kennametal.

Our experience and training are essential in order to be able to offer you the following:


Manufacture of special CNC tool holders

Square handle or cylindrical handle. The latter with the possibility of weldon, morse cone and other type of moorings.

Special CNC tool manufacturing

Starting from Blank with different types of moorings: VDI, KM, HSK, BT, Capto, and others)

Manufacture of milling cutters with interchangeable inserts: “T” milling cutters, conical milling cutters, spiral milling cutters, M680, etc. (possibility of mounting different cutting plates).

  • Manufacture of plate holder drills

  • Manufacture of roughing mandrels

  • Manufacture of finished mandrels

  • Tooling manufacture CNC cartridges chucks 

  •  Manufacture of counter-rotating mandrels

  • Manufacture of facing mandrels

  • CNC cartridge tooling manufacture

  • CNC cartridge tool manufacturing Bar